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Sian Hughes is a self-taught artist who developed her style of applying ink with old sharpened paintbrushes whilst studying to become a jeweller, training in traditional diamond mounting techniques. 


She aims to create characterful drawings of wildlife and is particularly inspired by her surroundings in West London. Growing up in the Essex/Suffolk countryside where, from a young age, she would go nature-spotting with her father has also been a continuing point of reference to the artist.  


Sian enjoys using sharpened wood when drawing in ink as it adds a texture that cannot be captured when using more conventional tools such as a brush or nib. She describes it as more absorbent, adding depth whilst also complimenting the fast-paced nature of 'scribbling' in this medium. There is an element of surprise and mistakes cannot be rubbed out. Using the ends of old paintbrushes and taking the varnish off means Sian can vary her line thickness and therefore have more freedom to manipulate the ink across the paper.   


Sian has exhibited her work in both Suffolk, Essex and London whilst still working full-time as a traditional diamond mounter. She had her first solo exhibition in Sudbury, Suffolk in September 2017 at The Art and Framing Centre, going on to do a number of smaller craft fairs across the Christmas period as well as larger art shows. She is currently looking forward to presenting a selection of new works at the Bath Art fair on 28th February to 2nd March 2019.  For more details do feel free to get in touch via the email address below. 

Sian Hughes